Twitch Chat In Game

How to View Twitch Chat in Game

Paying attention to chat can be one of the hardest things for a new streamer to do. Especially if you only have one monitor or are on a laptop. When you dont have consistent viewers you might find yourself getting lost in the game and forgetting to check chat. Luckily I found the perfect solution so that you will never miss a chat message again!

Restream Chat

There is an amazing program, Resteram Chat, that allows you do display your Twitch Channel’s Chat over any application that your computer is running. This means it allows you to display chat over any video game.

You might be wondering how you can play a game with a big chat box in the way. That’s the best part, Restream Chat allows you to adjust the windows opacity making it transparent. You can adjust the chat background as well as the chat messages, so you can blend your twitch chat into any game and make it look like an  in game chat. 

Having your twitch chat open in the game you are playing makes it extremely easy to keep up with chat conversations without taking away from your game play at all, you don’t even need to take your eyes off your monitor. This tool is even better for those streamers that only have one monitor.

Single Monitor Streamers

I know how tough streaming can be for single monitor streamers. The restream chat application changes the game for those of you with only one monitor. No more alt+tabbing or using your phone to monitor your chat. You can now throw the chat right on top of your game and speed up your chat interaction. If you only have one monitor I highly suggest checking our Restream.

Multi-Platform Chat

Another great feature of Restream is that it connects and compiles the chat messages from multiple platforms. You can connect your Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, and even Discord accounts to display their chat messages all in one Restream chatbox. This simple feature can save so much time for those of you that multi-stream on different platforms. 

Keep an Eye on Chat

Keeping an eye on your channels chat is extremely important. You want your viewers to feel welcome in your chat and actively responding to them while you stream is one of the best ways to build that bond. If you think you have a handle on your channels chat then you might want to take it a step further and add some Follower, Subscriber, and, Donation Alerts. Checkout this simple guide on How to Setup Twitch Alerts

Click here to download this simple explanation guide

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