How to Start Streaming

Want to learn how to start streaming?

How to start streaming

Video Game Streaming is gaining popularity as millions of people every month broadcast their games online. Twitch is the clear front-runner when it comes to streaming platforms, with over 8.5 million active users per day. Streamers are capitalizing on this interest by making their livings in front of the camera streaming. allows anybody to become a streamer and with the right tools, you can start earning money playing games if you start streaming too.

Before you start you need to figure out what platform you want to stream on. Streaming on consoles like Xbox and Playstation can be extremely simple since they already have built-in streaming capability. If you want to stream from you PC you will need to have decent hardware and some streaming software. It might look intimidating when you check out some of the popular Twitch channels but its really not that hard when you break it all down, lets get started and see how you can start streaming on PC.

Get Your Twitch Stream Running

One of the first things you need to do before you can start streaming is setting up your account. This is where you will select your username, which will appear in your channels url. Your twitch username is your very own personal brand, if you are not sure what a personal brand is or why its important checkout our post on personal brands.

  1. Setup a Twitch account, head over to and click on the “Sign Up” button on the top right.

    Image showing the Twitch signup button location

  2. Connect using your Facebook or enter in a username, password, your birthday, and you e-mail address.

    Image showing the Twitch signup

     Your username is not permanent, Twitch will allow you to change it

  3. Log into Twitch.
  4. Select “Dashboard” from the drop-down menu on the top-right of the screen.

    Image showing the Twitch dashboard button location

  5. Set a Stream Title in the “Title” section of the “Stream Information” box.

    Image showing the Twitch dashboard title input location

  6. Search and select the game you will be playing.

    Image showing the Twitch dashboard game input location

  7. Time to select and configure your broadcasting software.

Broadcasting Software

There are a few software options you can choose from to broadcast your gameplay to Twitch. The 2 most popular options are Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)  and Xsplit. Both these tools are fully capable of providing excellent quality streams. Open Broadcaster is free to use and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux while Xsplit comes with a monthly subscription plan. While Xsplit does have more features its best to try out OBS when you first start since it is free, you can always upgrade if you need to. Once you have your software picked out its time to configure your setup. We’ll walk you through the Open Broadcast Software setup:

If you do not have OBS installed yet head over to and download it.

Image showing the OBS download button

  1. Open up the application.
  2. Setup a new Profile

     OBS Studio New Profile ButtonClick “Profiles” -> “New” and name your new profile.
    Profiles allow you to save different streaming configurations.

  3. Click on “Settings”.

    OBS Studio Settings Button

  4. Select the “Stream” Tab.

    OBS Studio Stream Tab


  5. Set the “Streaming Service” to Twitch.

    OBS Studio Twitch Service Location

  6.  Find your Streaming Key in your Twitch Dashboard.

    Image showing the Twitch Streaming Key ButtonClick on the “Show Key” Button.

  7. Enter your Twitch Streaming Key in the “Play Path” field.

    OBS Studio Add Twitch Stream Key Location

  8. Click on the “Apply” Button to save your changes.

    OBS Studio Apply Settings Button

  9. Right click in the “Sources” Box and select Add > Game Capture.

    OBS Studio Add Game Capture

    You can add multiple sources if you plan on switching between games or windows.

  10.  Set a name for your video game source.

    OBS Studio Name Game Capture Source

  11. Select your game from the application dropdown and Click “OK”.

    OBS Studio Game Capture Window

  12.  You should now see a preview of your stream.

    OBS Scene Preview

  13. Click on the “Start Streaming” button and your stream is live!

    OBS Start Streaming Button Location

    Head over to your Twitch channel to verify everything is working.

Now that you have your stream up and running its time to focus on your Twitch Profile. Take a look at how you can improve and update your Twitch Profile.


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