What is a Personal Brand?

What is a Personal Brand?

Image portraying your personal brandA personal brand is the personal image you project to the world. How you present yourself online and offline shape your very own business. That’s right, your brand is a living and breathing business and you are the CEO.

Personal brands are becoming increasingly more important as the internet grows. With more internet users comes the potential to capture a larger audience and that attention can follow you from platform to platform. Your brand is something nobody can take away from you, it follows you everywhere you go.

Social Media

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and changing, Vine was extremely popular for a while and there were tons of users that used Vine, while it was around, to build their personal brand and they were able to maintain and transfer their following to Youtube. Your personal brand is the representation in which people remember you, without a brand you are forced to start over with each relationship you begin, instead of having a long history of credibility that you can build over time. Today the internet and social media allow you to broadcast your personality and skills to the world. Showcasing your talents online establishes your brand and builds a foundation for you to build on.

A great display of personal branding today is Logan Paul. Logan has taken the internet by storm, starting on Vine he grew and transferred his audience to Youtube. Since then he has blown up his facebook and instagram accounts to over 14 million followers each and grown multiple Youtube Channels with millions of followers. Logan capitalizes on his following by promoting products in his videos and he even started his own merchandise line for his brand.

Do we need a personal Brand?

Everybody should be growing and documenting their brand in this day and age. We all already have a personal brand, it’s how your friends, family, and employer view you. In many industries having a personal brand can now compensate for or even replace a lacking résumé. Instead of writing down your skills, abilities, and accomplishments, you are able to showcase them with a much higher level of influence. People don’t have to take your word for it, companies or employers can see a display of your personality and skill which instill a lot more trust. Travis Neilson started a youtube channel, DevTips, to help other designers learn and grow. This youtube channel grew Travis’ brand and eventually he landed a job at Google. His youtube channel hosted a huge portfolio of not only his talents, but his personality too.

You already use the latest social media platforms, it’s about time you took advantage of them. You can utilize this to your advantage by understanding the importance of a personal brand and starting to take it seriously.


How to grow your personal brand

Think of increasing your brand like marketing yourself, or marketing a business. The number one thing is content, produce and release as much content as you can. The internet is a giant billboard and the more users you capture the more power your brand will have. You can grow this on social media platforms, in person, or with e-mail lists. Spread your content across as many platforms as you can to increase the amount of eyes that see it. If you are streaming on Twitch.tv, you already have the video footage so you should be posting it on youtube.com. While you are at it chop up that video into small bite size pieces and post those on your instagram. You want as many eyes on your as possible, the more views your brand gets the more influence you have in your industry.


The number one way to quickly grow a following is engagement. The more you engage and show your true personality the easier it will be for people to trust and follow you. We have the power to connect with each and every one of our fans with the internet. Thats a huge luxury some brands never had before. Use the internet to its max, every day you can find somewhere new to plant your personal brand seed. Grow your social media accounts and explore new areas to expand, the more people you can get in front of the better chances you have at growing your following. Once you have a large following and enough attention on your brand opportunities begin popping up.


How to capitalize on your personal brand

Just like any business, you have the power to capitalize on your brand. Once you have an established personal brand, you need to take control of your audience. As I mentioned above, take advantage of multiple platforms. Don’t keep all your eggs in the same basket, platforms can change overnight. Youtube and Twitch.tv can shut down next week and if those are your only focus you would lose everything. Your followers are not truly yours until you build your own website or e-mail lists. An e-mail lists is a categorized list of your followers that you can organize to target specific individuals. This allows you to influence your followers with a direct e-mail to promote new content, sell products, or just connect on a personal level. E-mail lists can be extremely powerful tools that instil a deep level of trust with your audience.


Many digital brands are sought out by ad agencies to advertise on their social media platforms Promoting products in your videos or recordings is a great way to spread awareness for good products you use as well as an opportunity to earn you some more money. Sponsorship’s and affiliate programs are also very popular in the digital space since you can track the traffic for each purchase. This allows companies to track who is sending them customers, the more customers you send the more money you earn.

Personal Website

A website will allow you to centralize your following and manage them all in one location. Any other platform can change the rules overnight, without warning. Do you really think you should hold your livelihood in the hands of twitch, youtube, or facebook?  Websites allow you to directly sell products, update your customers, and showcase your skills and abilities. If you have a loyal following already why not create some merchandise with your logo or name on it. Interact with your audience to see what they want/need from you. Maybe an Ebook or tutorial series can help you connect with your followers and increase your brand authority.


If you already have a following and are looking to make the most of it checkout our article with the Top 5 Tips to Monetize Your Following.

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