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Nightbot SetupNightbot instillation Tutorial

Almost every channel out there has Nightbot or some sort of auto moderator bot watching their chat. Nightbot can perform simple tasks like deleting spammers, links, and inappropriate language. Nightbot is extreamly easy to setup, in this Nightbot Setup Guide I will walk you through each step.

Setting up Nightbot

The first thing we need to do is sync our twitch account with nightbot. Head over to and click on the “Sign Up!” button. nightbot sign up button

You will have the option to sign up with either a account or a YouTube account.

nightbot login buttons

Click on the “Login with Twitch” button and it will open an “Authorize” page. This is to grant nightbot the permission to your channel so it can moderate, update your game and description, and a everything else.

nightbot twitch authorize button 

After that the dashboard page will appear. Now, click on the “Join Channel” button on the left of the dashboard, then a Nightbot will appear in your channel.

nightbot join twitch channel

The last thing you need to do is to grant the Nightbot moderator powers. Go to your twitch channel, and in your chat type, “/mod nightbot” and the nightbot should now be listed as a moderator of your channel.

nightbot joined

Nightbot should now be listed as a Moderator of your channel, it can now do things like delete inappropriate comments and links posted in your chat. If you would like to see what commands Nightbot has right out of the box, checkout our post on the 33 Default Nightbot Commands.

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