How to grow your Twitch Channel

Grow your Twitch Channel

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I think we can all agree that it’s pretty difficult to grow your twitch channel when you are just starting out. There are so many streamers out there and its getting tougher to stand out. That is why we studied the quickest growing Twitch Channels to bring you the best tips to grow your stream.

Streamers that keep a consistent schedule for a long period of time see a substantial growth in their followers.

You might think that getting really good at a game or being really good looking are the only ways to grow a stream, but it is actually as simple as setting a Streaming Schedule and sticking to it. Streamers that keep a consistent schedule for a long period of time see a substantial growth in their followers. Viewers notice consistent streamers and tend to follow channels they see on a regular basis. In this post, we will teach you all the tips and tricks you can use to grow your twitch channel. Constantly engaging your chat is one of the best ways to grow your twitch channel fast.

Setting your Schedule

When you are a new streamer you NEED to be as easy to find as possible. Nobody is familiar with your channel yet, so you need to repeatedly get your channel in front of viewers until they recognize your name. Viewers tend to form viewing habits and watch Twitch at the same time each day,  if somebody sees your channel live every time they are on Twitch they will eventually have to check you out. 
Figure out a schedule that works for you and stick to it! Once you have a set schedule post it in a panel below your stream. If a new viewer hops into your channel and enjoys the show they will know when they can watch you again. Once you have viewers familiar with your schedule you will start to notice a higher viewer count earlier and earlier in your stream.  

Chat Interaction

The special thing about streaming is the streamer/chat interaction. There are thousands of Streamers live at any given time, chat interaction is your way to separate yourself from those other streamers. When you are just starting out you should constantly be interacting with the viewers in your chat, make them feel welcome. The stronger the connection you build with your viewers the more likely they are to come back. 

Even if you have no viewers in your chat try to constantly talk, you never know when somebody stops in for just a second. If a new viewer joins the channel you need to capture their attention quickly, if they see a quiet streamer that’s not talking they will move onto the next stream in a heartbeat. Constantly engaging with your chat is one or the best ways to grow your twitch channel quickly. 

Commentate your game-play

One of the easiest ways to stay active is to explain your in-game decisions, try giving the play by play or tips while you play. If you know your stuff you can hook in viewers and get them coming back day after day to learn from you.

Get your chat talking

The best way to keep viewers engaged is by sparking a conversation in the chat. When you find yourself at a low or quiet point in your game ask the chat some questions. If you can get your chat talking to each other they will do your job for you. 

Stay up to date on current events

Real world news might not seem important while you are playing games but it will give you something to talk about. If there is a huge news story going on it could breathe life into your chat for the entire stream.

Giveaways and Contests

Everybody loves the chance to win free stuff. There is no better way to capture the attention of your viewers than announcing a giveaway. You can use giveaways or contests to encourage more chat interaction if you require viewers to type in chat to join. Try giving a prize out to the best joke or story your viewers can come up with.

Put your funny hat on

This tip isn’t for everybody, but if you have a naturally funny personality let it shine on stream. Don’t be afraid to get a little silly on stream, some of the most popular streamers capture a large portion of their audience with their personality alone. 

Collaborate with other Streamers

Networking is just as important in streaming as any other job, the more people you know the better. Get active in similar channels and team up if you can. Teaming up with another streamer instantly puts you in front of their viewers will help increase your followers. 

Join Streaming Communities

Twitch is filled with great little gaming communities full of similar streamers that all help each other grow. Try joining a community and supporting its members, they will show you some love and it will help you build your channel.

  1. Twitch Startup’s Subreddit
  2. Twitch Squads Community
  3. Twitch Kittens Community

Utilize Social Media 

Twitch is its own platform, and it’s getting harder and harder to get noticed. You should be doing everything you can to bring viewers to your channel and that includes using social media platforms to broadcast to a different audience. Growing your following on other platforms is almost a must if you want to get noticed today. 

Recycle Stream Content

You already have footage from your stream, post some clips and images to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. If you start to get noticed on those platforms it can have a huge impact on your channels growth.

Ignore the Viewer Count

When you are starting out ignore your viewer count, it shouldn’t matter if you have 1 viewer or 1,000 viewers you should be putting on the same show. If you put too much focus on your viewer count you can easily become demoralized and it can really affect your stream quality. You can hide your viewer count by clicking on it in the “Stats” box of your Dashboard. 

Find your Niche

Figure out a way to separate yourself from all the other channels on Twitch. The most successful streamers have huge personality’s or provide unique content. Showcasing a bright personality and setting yourself apart from other streamers can lock in the attention of your viewers. There are plenty of video game streamers out there, if you focused on only playing Super Nintendo games you would separate your channel from the rest, making t easier to find. You don’t even need to stream video games, if you are able to draw, paint, code, or even color you can stream in the Creative section of Twitch. 

It Takes Time…

 Growing your Twitch Channel takes time, its rare that you will blow up immediately so stay patient and stick with it. If you follow these tips and stick to a consistent streaming schedule, over time you will start to figure out what works for you and your following will grow. Remember to keep your audience engaged regardless of that viewer count.

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