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7 Best Ways to Get Viewers on Twitch Using Social Media


It can be extremely hard to get noticed on Twitch. There are hundreds of new channels popping up every hour, and its only getting worse. Not many people know how to get viewers on twitch using social media and a twitch channel will rarely get viewers without any additional marketing or extra effort. The problem with this is that most streamers have no idea how to market their channels and very little time to research how they can improve.

I have interviewed many successful streamers and found seven key strategies to using social media to get more eyes on your Twitch Channel. These strategies will instantly have an impact on your channel views and can help you avoid that endless pool of viewerless streamers on Twitch. 

In this post, I am going to teach you how you utilize social media to market your stream and increase your channel’s views.

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7 Social Media Tips

Before I get started on our 7 social media tips, let me quickly explain how social media marketing works. 

We live in an age where content is key, we can not create enough content to keep up with the demand of social media viewers. Users are constantly refreshing their news feeds looking for their next update. The more content you put out there the greater chance you have at being seen, if you don’t put out the content you never even give yourself a chance. Each of these tips involves getting active on different social media platforms ultimately to get your stream out there in front of more eyes. Once you have captured the attention of people on social media you will use those platforms to send everybody back to your twitch channel.

1. Post Stream Highlights to Instagram

Our first tip is the easiest way to generate content consistently. Start posting stream highlights/clips to your Instagram. Make it a goal to, at the very least, upload one clip per day. If you are streaming regularly you already have the content, just repurpose that into an Instagram video. It take very little work but can have a huge impact from putting a little sample of your stream in front of the Instagram audience.

This will help keep your Instagram content fresh and consistent. It only takes one post to go viral and the more you post the more chances you have. This does not mean that you should only post stream highlights/clips, I like to think of this as filler content. You can still post meaningful content but this keeps your page fresh and allows you to take your time and really create and post more meaningful content in between.

2. Reply to Tweets

Twitter allows for an amazing opportunity to start a conversation with anybody in the world. Many people think that your personal tweets are what grow your following but its actually your Twitter reply’s that will net you more followers. You can respond to anybody’s tweet and instantly capture their audience’s attention. If they respond back to you that’s even better and you will definitely see a surge in followers. Start following larger streamers and streaming personalities on Twitter and reply to everything they tweet. Each and every response you post increases the chance that they will answer or that one of their followers will answer or notice you. If you are consistent in replying people will start recognizing your account and profile picture. Once viewers start to see you as a regular they will get interested and checkout your account. 

Don’t just reply to reply, actually post something meaningful. Take the time to actually respond to tweets and people will notice that and start to follow you. If you can make an impact and actually help somebody out with your replies you will earn their trust and your following will begin to grow.

Once you have them following your twitter its easy to send them to your stream by tweeting when you go live, stream clips, and any other information about your stream.

3. Networking on Discord

Discord is one of the most underrated social networks for streamers. Everybody has used discord but not many people know how to use it to grow their following. They key is to utilize other streamers and get active on their discord servers. Just be yourself and get to know the other members in that community. Whenever anyone asks a question be the first one to answer. Being friendly will go a long way in discord. You can meet all different types of people that can help you advance your streaming career, a lot of people find artists and designers through discord communities.

Don’t just pick one make sure you get on a couple different servers. When people recignize you on different discord servers they will be far more likely to stop by your channel or begin networking with you directly.

4. Networking on Reddit

Reddit can be a tough nut to crack so if you are new to reddit pick a smaller community and get active. Start by commenting on posts and again, make your responses mean something. Helping new streamers on reddit is a sure fire way to gain a new fan. If you can help somebody out or give them the answer they are looking for you will have won them over. Be as supportive as you can and the reddit  community will accept you with open arms.

If you are aware and understand the subreddit rules then start posting and post as much as you can. Reddit users are extreamly active online and can quickly translate to a viewer.

5. Post a Schedule

Start using social media to post your schedules. If you are lucky enough to have a set monthly or weekly schedule let people know what it is! For those of you that are not as lucky and can’t set a schedule you better be posting when you go live to keep everybody in the loop! Viewers love to be in the loop so it’s important to let them know your schedule as soon as you can. 

You can also use a schedule to generate excitement around your channel. Try setting up some big events that your viewers can look forward to, maybe challenge another streamer and have a live face-off or maybe plan a cosplay stream. Give your viewers something to look forward to so they want to come back.  

6. Post Video’s/GIFs

When you’re posting content on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook keep in mind that posts containing GIFs or videos result in over 30% more engagement than regular text posts. Your goal is to attract attention to your post so more people follow your account. GIFs are an excellent way to get a reaction and videos are usually shared more often than any other form of media.

If you can generate posts that users feel the need to share with their followers your social media will grow like a wild fire. Posts that include infographs and data driven content resonate with viewers more and they are more likely to share.

7. Connect with Curated Accounts

This 7th and final tip has helped some streamers go from nothing to hundreds of regular viewers within a matter of weeks. It takes a little more work and you might need to reach out to a few accounts before any success but it has a huge payoff.

We all see those Fortnite Instagram accounts that post gameplay clips all day long and have hundreds of thousands of followers. These accounts are called “curated accounts” and they compile clips and images from around the internet to post them to their audience. They grow incredibly quickly and draw an enormous amount of attention. These accounts post multiple times per day, so they always need new content to post. 

Reach out to some of these accounts and regularly send them content. If you help make their job easier by providing them quality content they can publish on their channels they will begin to shout you out and help put your name out there. All it takes is one of these accounts to post your content tagging your account to blow up your following. Any time you make a really good play on stream clip it and make sure you get that over to a curated account so they can post it to their massive following. If you build a relationship with a few of these accounts it will take your following to the next level.

Social media plays a large role in Twitch channel growth and it’s constantly evolving. These were 7 tips that can really help drive traffic to your twitch channel but they don’t stop there. There is always room to grow on social media and we want to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest. Signup to our newsletter and we will keep you up to date with all the social media changes and updates so that you can stay on top of the game.

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