Best Twitch Layouts

Why do you need a good twitch layout?

There are thousands of streamers on twitch that viewers have to choose from, you need every advantage you can get when you’re starting out. Channel artwork and is the best way to set yourself apart from other twitch streamers since it’s the first thing viewers see when watching your stream. Viewers will see your layout in your channels thumbnail before they even watch your stream.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind while searching for your channels layouts. I’ve put together a list of what the best twitch layouts all have in common and what you can do to improve your streams layout.

If you want to see one of the best twitch layouts out there take a look at DrDisrespect

Clean & Easy To Read

Your channels layout should welcome viewers in so be sure to keep it clean and easy to look at. A cluttered or messy layout will turn vibrating color example for twitch layoutsviewers away from your channel immediately. Your camera’s overlay shouldn’t take up half the screen and you should avoid highly saturated color combinations, these are typically referred to as “Vibrating” colors because they appear to be vibrating or moving in a blurry or glowing motion.

If you’re not sure what overlays your layout needs start with the basics. Find a simple camera overlay and start there. A simple single color border is a perfect start for your webcam overlay. You can find some great free options over at

Focus on What’s Important

Make sure your streams main focus is the first thing viewers will look at when turning into your stream. If you’re a creative or IRL streamer you might want your camera to take up the majority of your stream. Likewise, if you’re playing video games you would want the gameplay to take up a majority of the screen. 

Speedrunners are unique since they are primarily focused on gameplay but also have a large amount of information that needs to be displayed on stream. Find a good balance between your gameplay, camera, and any checkpoints/timers or other necessary information. Take a look at the layout Twitch speedrunner C0LTR0CKS has. As you can see below, he does a great job showcasing the gameplay as well as the very important speed running information.

C0LTR0CKS twitch speedrunner layout

Match Your Streaming Style

If you’re a heavy metal guitar streamer you’re probably not going to want pink and baby blue artwork all around your channel. If you primarily play one game it’s not a bad idea to gear your channels layout towards that game. If you’re a World of Warcraft streamer having a Horde or Alliance themed channel could be a great idea.

Consistent Artwork

Make sure your artwork is consistent throughout your channel, from the panels below your stream to the camera and any other overlays. The colors you use should match or go together, if your camera overlay is green your social media icons shouldn’t be brown. Any time you have conflicting artwork or colors you risk distracting your viewers from what’s important. 

One of the best examples of a consistent theme is the face of Twitch himself, DrDisrespect. You can see in the image below how each of his panels is consistent to the “Champions Club”. 

DrDisRespect's consistent theme

Limit # of Fonts

Try to limit the number of fonts on your channel to 2. Any more than 2 can start to distract and confuse your viewers. This includes the panels underneath your stream, keep them consistent with your channels scenes and overlays.

Maintain Proper Ratios

You never want to stretch or squish your channels artwork. This can make any text harder to read or follow. Our eyes easily notice improper ratios and it’s extremely distracting to viewers that are trying to follow your stream. Whenever you are creating new artwork for your channel be sure to design them to fit without any adjustments in your streaming software.

It doesn’t take much to improve your channel’s layout but it is something that is extremely easy to overlook. If you are having trouble picking out your layout keep it simple to start, you can always improve it. One of the best ways to generate ideas is to watch other streamers, head to the browse section of Twitch and check out a few streamers. That should give you some ideas on how you want your channel to look. 

Once you think you’ve got your layout setup I’d love to see it. Post a screenshot to Twitter or instagram and use the hashtag #upgrowth. I’m always looking for the best twitch layouts out there!

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